Forum staff vacancy

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Forum staff vacancy

Post  bluey scarlet on Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:58 pm

Staff Vacancy
wanna be a staff? or want to help us? here are the staff lists:

red:full or closed
blue:Opened, but this time is picky and try to fulfill the requirements.
green:Opened freely,



Wi-fi staff

Spriter and Art

1)must be online for the most day(not the most time)
2)helpful, and nice
3)Care the forum to be grow.
4)little art skill is appreciated, more artskill is very appreciated

Wi-Fi staff:
1)must have wi-fi(not all the time, but must have when required)
2)can trade
3)at least have the game 75% completed
4)trustable (:

Spriter and Art:
1)must able to do graphics and sprites(at least have one unique your idea style sprite)
2)Ready to do graphics
3)if you have photoshop only, you must have Photoshop at least Ps 7.0(must be good creation)
4)if you have GIMP only, you must have GIMP 2.6(keep update the version)
5)good banners and sprites.
6)must be able to create border in banner, transparent sprite.

1)Locking thread, sticking some categories, deleting topic, moving topic with appropriate way
2)Access to all forum staff place

1)make tourneys, as long as they active and can serve it
2)controlling topic in wi-fi forum category(lock, delete, move, etc.)

To apply, Reply to this topic please and use these forms

Forum name:
What staff job you want?:
Ready for a pre-test?:
bluey scarlet

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Re: Forum staff vacancy

Post  Goldenrod on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:36 am

I'd like to sign up!

Forum name: Goldenrod
What staff job you want?: Moderator
Ready for a pre-test?: I guess

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