★Welcome to the snow paradise★~rules

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★Welcome to the snow paradise★~rules

Post  bluey scarlet on Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:50 pm

★Welcome to the Snow Paradise/Sp★
There are a few rules to read before you post. Saying that you didn't see the rules is not an excuse. Sorry!

Posting Rules:
1) Don't post anything extremely vulgar/gross (keep it PG 13 or if you aren't sure, put the content under a Spoiler, or a star)for this time, we didn't create the words filter yet.

2) No spamming!! Spamming is:
* Posting the same thing over and over, or only posting to advertise, it have it's own topic sooner
* Excessively posting every other time. For example; A posts, B posts, A posts, C posts, A posts, D posts, A posts, and so on...
* Although we appreciate your enthusiasm for the forum, don't post too many(like 100 posts for a day).

3) Be peace, don't fight, this isn't a really place to FIGHT.

4) Try to post within the correct categories. It will help members to find content in the long run. If you don't know where to post something, just ask!

5) No reviving dead topics, unless there's something important about it.

6) Repeat Topics: Try not to post the same topic twice, make sure the topic is not already made before you go making it even if the first topic appears dead, you can always revive it unless this contradicts with rule #5.

7) Stay on topic! Tangent happen on occasion, but please try your best not to continue them. The posts will most likely get deleted.

Signature Rules
- Keep main image size under 500(width)x200(height) pixels
- Only ONE virtual "pet" is allowed per signature(the type that require clicks to grow) must be under 150x150 pixels (if you want to post all of your pets, please do so in the "adoptables" category of the forum)
- If you have more than 2 lines of text, please make it size 9 (example of size 9 font)
- Make sure there isn't something in your signature that could simply go into your profile (remember, BBC code works in your profile too!)
- Only post your signature if you've typed over 1 full line of text. Just typing one word then having 5 images show up in your signature makes pages load slower.

Although creating multiple accounts on the forum is fine, there are a few things you may not do :
* Vote in contests like member of the month, art/fanfic contests, or any others
* Make art requests(putting more work on the artist)
* Join member clubs, or start multiple member clubs
* Create multiple rpg characters (it just gets too confusing)

here are some few purpose to create new account:
*people who are hiatus(deleted their account too)and back, can create their second account
*more things, ask in this topic.

If you are caught using multiple accounts in any of these ways, you will be temporarily banned for however long the admins/staff see fit.

Private Messaging Rules/Info:
- No advertising via PM! You can include a text link to a site in your signature or profile "comments" section if you wish, but if you are caught sending random invites to Dream League members, you will be banned.

~*~*~*~*~THANK YOU~*~*~*~*~
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